Restore AOL Desktop Gold Icon Missing from Desktop

Is the AOL Desktop Gold Icon Missing from the system? 

Did you try to restore Missing AOL icon that has disappeared from the system? 

If not, then you should follow the steps to restore it so that you can use the software again. 

Basic troubleshooting steps to rectify the issue AOL Gold Icon Missing

1). You need to first check if there is any kind of virus that is present in the system or not. For that you need to scan the system. 

2). To do that you need to move all the shortcut icons that are present in the system in a folder. 

3). Then right click on the screen or the empty area and click on the view option. Make sure that the show AOL desktop icon is selected. 

4). If it is selected, then you need to refresh the screen by clicking on Alt + F4 or right click on the screen and select on the refresh button. Check whether the lost icon has appeared in the desktop or not. 

If your icon gets appeared but is not responding then you must continue with the AOL Desktop icon not responding guide.

Gold icon missing from the system tray

To find out why AOL Icon Missing from Desktop is missing from the system tray, continue with the steps that are discussed below. 

1). First you need to check whether you are using the latest version of the AOL gold software or not.  

2). Check whether the windows are of the updated version or not. If not then you need to update both of them and make sure that both are the updated version. 

1). Check the system tray of the system and check if the AOL gold software is present there or not. 

1). If it is missing then you need to reinstall AOL Gold software and make sure that the device where you are installing it should match the requirements first. 

1). If you are in the same place then move to the system primary drive and try to drag the icon of the gold software to the screen. 

1). In case if you are still facing any trouble while doing this, then select on the cone like shape that is available on the system tray and check whether you can find the icon in the system tray or not. 

1). Check if you can now see the icon of the AOL desktop on the system tray or not. After that select the option which says create shortcuts. 

1). If in case you are still unable to find the icon in the system tray then select on keeping it in dock by keeping the cursor over the AOL program. 

1). Then to solve How I get back My AOL Gold missing icon, you need to clear the cache memory by opening the registry window. 

1). Now check whether the icon of the AOL desktop has been restored or not.

If it doesn't get restored then it is possible there is some files missing in your AOL software so you need to download AOL Desktop Gold file again and install it again.


The above solutions will help in storing the icon of AOL gold in the system. In case if you are still unable to restore it then you can get the help of the experts at @(888)616-4869.





Grace Lee • 2019 Dec 26

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